Maihaugen Museum

Maihaugen is an open air museum with 200 old and new buildings, exhibitions, cafes and lots of activities. It was founded by the dentist Anders Sandvig in 1887. In 1904 the museum was moved to Maihaugen.



Before and around Cristmas there is a lot of activity at the Maihaugen museum: Market days, open shops, activities for children, Christmas exhibitions, decorated homes from different periods and guided tours for schools and other visitors.

The Lillehammer Painters - paintings 1885-1960

September 27 – spring 2015
Lillehammer has been a beloved place for artists. This exhibition shows paintings by the Lillehammer painters and tell the story of the artists.

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Slideshow from Maihaugen in several languages

Norwegian, English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Polish and Slovakian.

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